01. Oak trees [predominate] in this region.
02. Buffalo once [predominated] on the prairies, but now they are relatively rare.
03. The [predominant] image of African music is that of drumming and percussion.
04. Italy has a [predominant] role in the U.N. peacekeeping force in the region.
05. The family seems to have two [predominant] functions: to provide warmth and love in time of need, and to drive each other insane.
06. Ongoing curriculum development is a [predominant] concern in our ESL program.
07. Teaching remains a [predominantly] female profession in this country.
08. Studies show that in Thailand, where peaceful Buddhist teachings [predominate], parents are less likely to spank their children.
09. Indonesia is a [predominantly] Muslim country.
10. The [predominant] colors in the painting are yellows and browns.
11. Our teaching staff has a [predominance] of people with a background in linguistics.
12. Charlotte Gilman once said that the one [predominant] duty is to find one's work, and do it.
13. Benjamin Disraeli once said, "The difference of race is one of the reasons why I fear war may always exist; because race implies difference, difference implies superiority, and superiority leads to [predominance]."
14. The [predominance] of animal representations in the cave art of primitive man is a reflection of the importance of hunting to their culture.
15. Benjamin Spock once suggested that the time a person is a child he is both a child, and learning to be a parent. After he becomes a parent, he becomes [predominantly] a parent reliving childhood.
16. Mason Cooley once remarked that as equality increases, so does the number of people struggling for [predominance].
17. The majority of university courses in this country are [predominantly] text-based.
18. Recent studies suggest that some people who are [predominantly] homosexual will occasionally seek out heterosexual relationships.
19. English is the [predominant] language in two of the six inhabited continents.
20. A view from space emphasizes the fact that the surface of our earth is [predominantly] water in constant motion.
21. A visitor from space would observe that the surface of our planet is [predominantly] water.
22. The central core of our earth is composed [predominantly] of iron and nickel.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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